Pretty much sums up the Easter long weekend
One of my favourite people in the whole wide world @danseery  #melbourne #adelaide #bestfriends  (at Boutique)
This DOES NOT look like what you may think #bestfriends #easter #gay
Just another recovery sesh 😒 #whyamialwaysboundandgagged #everytime #yolo
Old friends @ Distill

force fieeld

Learning the process of forgiveness

I forgave someone today who had done me wrong.

I forgave them not because I want them in my life, but because I need to get on with my life.

Far too long have I harboured so much anger towards certain people and it has been affecting me like poison.

I’ve never been an advocate on forgiveness but I’m now learning. Shedding that anger and hate not because I think this person deserves it, but for my own peace is something I’m willing to try. 

And honestly, I’m feeling like all that poison is slowly disappearing. 

A selfie to celebrate changes happening in lifeeeeeee 😎